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Water Ways Shock Chlorinating and Well Maintenance Program
was designed from the ground up. We understand the most important aspect to clean drinking water is an effective pump and regular well maintenance. Our shock chlorinating can help if any of the following conditions relates to your well.
    New well Installation or well repairs
    Opening of the water system
    Non-potable water enters the well
    Water has an organic or bad taste
    Water has an impure smell
    Water test is positive for bacteria
Benefits of Shock Chlorination
Cleaner Drinking Water
Longer Well Pump Life
Prevents in House Pipe Contamination
Controls Disease Causing Bacteria
Controls Nuisance Organisms
Can Remove Bad Taste of Water
Prevents Expensive Plumbing Repairs
Iron and Manganese Removal
Can Remove Impure Smell of Water
Protects Alberta's Water Source
Currently We are the Only Company in Alberta that Specializes Specifically in Shock Chlorination.
Shock chlorinating
is recomended once to twice per year to ensure your water stays fresh.
Well Maintenance
was developed to prevent and maintain the purity of our natural water source.
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