About Us
Located in Calgary Alberta, Sabalan Enterprises Ltd. is a high production CNC machine shop and fiberglass manufacturing facility.
Sabalan has served the oil and gas industry by supplying high quality machined parts for oilfield equipment, such as; down hole tools and battery components.
Since our inception in 2001 to the present day, we continue to specialize and excel in the CNC Machining of very tight tolerance, ultra high precision components.

Company News
With the recent addition of our fiberglass tube production department, Sabalan Enterprises is able to provide our battery component customers with high quality specialized fiberglass tubes for down hole battery packs. Down hole battery packs are used in the MWD (measurement while drilling) process. The battery packs supply power to MWD equipment which intern measure and supply instrumentation data required to monitor conditions during the drilling operation.

Company Highlights
  • 01. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • 02. We understand your needs for assured quality, while we remain competitive.
  • 03. Our aim is to strive and develop beneficial partnerships will all of our customer's.